Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welcome to Smart Dumb Stuff!

This is the obligatory "first post" on this new blog. I decided to start a blog after spending the last few months researching, installing, breaking and using several home automation and home improvement products. The focus of the blog will be on products that I use or interest me and projects that may seem dumb to people. It seems that a lot of people are starting their adventure now and maybe I can help.

I am not an electrician or even a handyman for that matter, so my advice should not be followed blindly. If something isn't clear or you aren't comfortable dealing with high voltage applications, consult someone that is. I was able to accomplish everything with patience with minimal damage to my drywall. I don't work for any of the companies that I will be talking about and I will disclose if I have any interest in a company or product.

Every house and situation is different so get to make decisions on how you want your system to be set up. Isn't that exciting?

Lets do dumb things with smart stuff!


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