Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Favorite "Smart" Thing

There are probably two reactions to seeing a home automation demonstration:
  1. That is awesome.
  2. Why would anyone do that?

Originally, I had the ladder reaction. Some events changed that, but I now find it funny that one of the first things I tested has become my favorite. It is so simple but has definitely improved our mornings dramatically.

After spending some time in Europe, I grew accustomed to towel warmers. Once you get used to a dry, warm towel (think fresh out of the dryer), it is hard to go back. We have had ours for over a year. Until recently, we relied on a manual system of turning it on and off which wasn't really convenient and resulted in the warmer being left on all day a time or two.

SmartThings and a Leviton appliance module solved that problem. Similar to other problems, a less expensive mechanical timer may have helped, but they don't know if you are home. Now the warmer will come on before we get up both during the week and on weekends and will turn off on its own. 

My next plan is to have it come on when we change the status when we awake. I will keep you posted.


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