Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Upgrading your Shower Head is Worth it

Our old, dirty shower head didn't really bother me. Sure it was old and dirty, but it worked. It did spray water against the back wall which threatened to set off the new water sensors, but I really didn't mind drying the floor with my towel. Fortunately it wasn't my decision because the upgrade has made a world of difference.

She picked up a few Waterpik powerspray shower heads and the installation literally took minutes. We chose this particular model because we have small children and the extension works great for them and quick clean up chores.

I needed a knife to open the box and a Vise-Grip plier to remove the old shower head and tighten the new one.

The package contained the following:

Now we can put the new one on.

Now attach the hose.

That was it. All done.

After a few showers, I can definitely tell the difference. It feels like we have more water pressure and we have the added convenience of being able to remove the shower head if we need to. Easy project that will probably take you less than 15 minutes a shower to do and completely worth it.



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